How to hide applications on Android

Hiding apps, photos or videos is a way to customise the phone and to extend the unique experience that a user seeks.

There are a variety of Android apps, and each has a distinct feature. For instance, not every Android mobile device is the same. Hence, hiding apps on Android devices could be tricky and different. And hiding is essentially a way to personalise the device as per the owner or the user. Hiding apps, photos or videos is a way to customise the phone and to extend the unique experience that a user seeks.
Disabling or uninstalling apps from the device is the most common method. But what about the scenario in which we still want to use the app data that we have either accidentally or manually deleted. It is for these scenarios the hide feature comes in handy.

Hiding an app on a personal device is the choice of the user. People use it to keep things private or run the work uninterrupted. Hiding apps can also keep away your interfering friends from poking into your private space.

Moreover, the feature is used to keep private documents safe and sound. Notably, parents may use it too, to ensure that their children get access to child-friendly apps only on their phones.

But once hidden, apps are still searchable. They may not appear immediately on the screen but do pop up when searched, specifically. Well, it’s a hideout, not a blackout. Still, the partial functioning of the feature meets the criteria of several users, as they share. Here are two step-by-step methods that can effectively work on any device to hide apps. These are used irrespective of the brands that one uses.

A) First method - Disabling pre-existing apps
The first method works efficiently with system apps only. These are pre-installed apps that cannot be removed. Below are the steps to enable it:

Step 1: Open the Settings menu
Open the Settings menu on the mobile phone. Select the gear icon located in the top right-hand corner of the screen after pulling down from the top or with the other applications on your device.
batch_Hide apps 1.1

Step 2: Go to Application Manager or App
Scroll down and go to Apps or Application Manager.
batch_Hide apps 1.2

Step 3: Select the Application, you wish to disable
batch_Hide apps 1.3

Step 4: Hit the ‘Disable’ option
batch_Hide apps 1.4

Step 5: Turn on to bring it back
If you accidentally disable the app or see some malfunction, you can follow the above-listed steps and click “Enable” or “Turn On.” This will bring the application back to life on your phone.
batch_Hide apps 1.5

Another simpler option for disabling an application is going straight to the icon on the home page or application folder. You can hold your finger on the app, and options will appear. Among those options, select, ‘disable,’ to complete the process.

B) Second method - Using Nova Launcher
This method is suitable for hiding pre-installed apps that are no longer in use. Various third-party applications come in handy. Nova Launcher is found in the Google Play Store, and once downloaded, it will allow you to hide applications than the standard system home screen better.

Step 1: Download the Nova Launcher
The prime version of this application needs to be installed in the device for it to work well.

Step 2: Set Nova Launcher as your system Home Screen
Once downloaded, you will have to go to the Nova Launcher in Settings and set Nova as your system Home Screen. Set it as the default launcher.
batch_Hide apps 1

Step 3: Refer to the Nova Settings app.
Find the app you wish to hide, then tap and hold.

Step 4: Go to the App drawer and then select Hide apps.
batch_Hide apps 2

Step 5: Tick the box for the apps you wish to hide.

Step 6: Use the app through the drawer’s search box
To use the app, one can look for it in the app drawer’s search box.

It is quite important to keep in mind that hiding apps are one of the features offered by this launcher. Enabling it as the default launcher for your Android device change a few things on your phone, including battery hogs. You may also start receiving ads from different sources. Hence, it is best to go for apps that have better reviews in Google Play.

However, the first method unlike the second, using Nova Launcher, would not result in any change in the functioning of your device.

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