Acer I-Series 43-inch 4K TV Review

The manufacturer recently introduced its latest range of Android 11-powered televisions in the Indian market.

Acer has been on a decent launch spree in the last few months. The manufacturer recently introduced its latest range of Android 11-powered televisions in the Indian market. The company introduced four size options which include 32-inch, 43-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch models.
Out of these, the prices for the 32-inch model were kept at Rs 19,990, the 43-inch model was listed, even though it is also available on Amazon, for Rs 27,999, the 50-inch model was priced at Rs 40,990, the 55-inch model was priced at Rs 47,990. The operating system in all of these TVs is Android 11. We have been using the 43-inch version for some time now and here's our review.
Design and display

The TV's design is good, but it cannot be compared to some other brands' TVs, such as Redmi and Xiaomi, in terms of the slim design. With the TV, a remote control, battery, wall mount, stand, and power cable are included. The TV is very simple to set up. You can set up this Acer TV by yourself because it is lightweight.

Sports mode is now accessible on all TVs in addition to the standard, dynamic, and movie picture modes. You can correct colours, boost brightness, and other things by going to the picture's advanced settings.
Acer TV

The remote has a shortcut button that can be used to access the TV settings. The ratio of screen to the body is quite low. The display quality isn't the best, but it's also not on the lower end. Good colours, but not many. Clarity is acceptable. Also, Acer has incorporated Motion feature which can be used to simulate those TVs with an added MEMC chip. The TV is capable of playing 4K videos. YouTube videos stream at 2160 pixels without any lag or latency issues. Regarding the screen's viewing angle, we have no complaints.
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The I-series uses the latest picture quality, which improves the wide colour gamut+ and provides a high-quality experience. You can see features like HDR 10+, Super Brightness, Black-label Augmentation, and 4K in the I series. The series of smart TVs in question also includes built-in smart blue light reduction technology.

Software and performance

The TV has a fastcast app that supports numerous apps, including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, MTV Play, and Spotify. Additionally, Apple's screen sharing is supported. You can share your screen from any phone or laptop using the Fast Cast app.

Compared to Chromecast, it is much simpler and quicker. Additionally, the TV has a media player app. It also gets a memory and RAM booster app that also clears cache data is available.
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There is also a meeting mode that allows you to broadcast the meeting's presentation on TV. To check the internet speed on a TV, a different app has been provided. Additionally, you can use the TV as an audio device by using the app Audio Connect.
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The TV supports Android 11, and the most recent security patch was released in December 2021, meaning that no updates have been made in the last seven months. It is also unknown how long the software update will be supported for. Voice commands are also available on the TV and remote, and they work great.

Audio quality and connectivity

Although the sound quality is a little bit worse when the volume is turned up past 80%, the audio quality of this Acer TV is still good. The speaker's bass is lacking. It has two 15-watt speakers, for a total of 30 watts, and Dolby Audio and Surround are both supported.
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There are dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, three HDMI ports, two USB ports, and one AV port for connectivity. Although the company has not provided details regarding the model or other details, the TV has a quad-core processor.

Final verdict

Acer is a fairly new name in the TV market. In the midst of a multitude of brands starting from Redmi to Oneplus, Thomson to Blaupunkt - the Acer I-series stands out from the other brands in terms of performance and the certain value-for-money charm.
Acer TV (6)

Under Rs 35,000 for the 43-inch model - we feel the TV is quite interesting enough to be bought thus making this one in our recommendations.
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