Oppo Band Style Review

The Band Style has been with us for some time now. Is this the best premium fitness tracker you can buy? Here's our review.

The smart wearables category has seen a massive uptick in the last few years with more and more smartphone manufacturers adopting the ecosystem. One such brand - Oppo has also come along the trend and is now pushing forward a few new products in the smart wearables category.
It started with the Oppo Watch for the company, which goes up against other smartwatches in the mid-premium segment like the OnePlus Watch and Amazfit GTS. And more recently Oppo launched its first fitness wearable in India, the Oppo Band Style, in an affordable segment priced at Rs. 2,399. Of course, there are a tonne of fitness trackers in the market - but the Band Style stands out with its golden metal rod finish. It also has a standard black silicone band variant, which is a classic model for this fitness trackers segment.
The Indian smart wearable segment has seen its fair share of growth with major smartphone manufacturers bringing their own smart wearables at different price point. Almost every brand has it's own smart wearable accessory - be it Samsung, Vivo, Realme, Xiaomi, OnePlus and now Oppo. It is great to see category growth over the last couple of years, and now potential buyers have a lot of options to choose from.

Coming to the Oppo Band Style, we have been testing the fitness tracker for over a month now, and here's our full review.

Design and fit

Of course, there are a lot of fitness trackers in the market - the Oppo Band Style's stands out particularly. There is a standard black silicone strap with a protective case for the Band Style which slots in. It then looks like any other fitness tracker in the market. Then there's a gold-coloured case with a white silicone strap attached to a gold-finished ring that locks the main unit.

Oppo Band Style

Although the Band Style's design is polarising - it did look better than most rivals out there including Realme, Honor, Xiaomi, and such. However, talking about the fit and finish, the lock fit was sturdy and whichever strap you choose - you can be assured of a tight fit. The strap feels secure and it has a great finish. It does feel like it'll snap off while you flex your wrist.

Oppo band style

Furthermore, the Oppo Band Style is water-resistant up to 50 meters which is impressive. We did not get a chance to check it underwater - but we did use it daily and including sticking our hands under running water.

Oppo Band Style

Talking about the main unit, it is a single-piece block with no buttons. The top gets a rounded design that tapers off towards the base - where the optical sensors and SpO2 sensors are located. Mind you, the Oppo Band Style is not for you if you have large arms - as we did. The factor is the tiny tracker on your wrist just seems uncomfortable.

Overall, the design feels fit for the price. The build quality is satisfactory. Rest assured, the band will not fall off.

Display and performance

The Oppo Band Style comes with an AMOLED display which looks decent. The touch response is also great. Since the unit does not get any buttons, you'll have to use touch/taps and swipes to get through the menus. There are several pre-loaded watch faces with the option to download more using Oppo's proprietary 'HeyTap' app.

Swiping up and down allows you to access the features of the watch. Swiping right through left takes you back. Swiping left or right on the home menu allows you to select watch faces. An issue we found with it was that - minor swipe my mistake would change your watch face. For the people who are set for a single watch face - a new watch face every time you mistakenly swipe could be annoying.

Oppo Band Style

We also had issues with notifications. The band does offer notifications from almost every major app and there were some problems with the way the notifications we being delivered. For example - you get a WhatsApp text, and then you get another, and then you get another - the watch - the tracker has not buzzed until the fourth message arrives and it buzzes all at once. Sometimes we would get a notification on the phone but the band does not show anything.

The Band Style brings a host of activity monitoring features - considering it's a fitness tracker. The activities include running, cycling, cricket, and basically almost all major activities under the sun. The band offers GPS tracking using your phone when you are running or cycling.Because of the pandemic - we were only able to check for activity tracking in short periods. The information becomes available in the HeyTap app section.

The watch also provides heart rate, sleep, and SpO2 tracking as well. The accuracy seems to be a little off point considering we also tallied the readings with other fitness trackers and smartwatches as well.Overall activity tracking is very basic and nothing out of the ordinary.

Activities tracking and HeyTap app

The HeyTap app is not new - but since the oppo Watch ran on WearOS meaning we had two apps to take of - the Band Style is the first one from Oppo to use the HeyTap app primarily. The information inside the app is categorised into cards and shows off information like steps taken, workouts are done, calories, and activities.


The cards also show Heart rate, Sleep, SpO2, and workout logs. Tapping on each card gives us detailed information about the card. At the bottom is a fitness card that allows you to turn on tracking for walks or runs. This seems to be a standalone feature and does not require the Band Style to work.

Sleep tracking is a massive plus on the Band Style. The details are comprehensive on the app and the band also gives your tips to improve your sleep rating. It will also break down your sleep into stages - deep sleep, light sleep, awake town, interruptions, and more. Much better than actual activity tracking.

Battery and charging

Oppo claims the Band Style gets around 12-days of use on a single full charge. We were able to get around a full two weeks of charge because of less activity tracking and mostly tracking sleep. The heart rate and SpO2 tracking were turned on and the display was at around 50 percent brightness.

Oppo Band Style

To charge the Band Style, Oppo ships the tracker with a cradle that latches on the band and not magnetically. The cradle gets a snug fit so you can assure the watch will not fall off while charging.


The Oppo Band Style is a distinctively looking fitness tracker that is currently available in the market. In our opinion, it is one of the best-looking trackers in its price range. That said, the Band Style is mostly a basic activity tracker which lacks performance. Thus, it is hard to recommend to any fitness enthusiast, especially when there is Mi Band 5 already available in the market.

Oppo Band Style

To sum up, the Oppo Band Style gets a good design but its activity tracking feature is a hit and miss, hence we find it difficult to recommend this to avid fitness enthusiasts. Having said that, for those who are not fitness lovers but looks and design is your game, the Oppo Band Style is a good fit with its extensive sleep tracking features and a bunch of basic exercise tracking features. It is still a basic band with average battery life. For those, who are still looking for something else, there is the Mi Band 5 available at Rs 2,499, the Realme Smart Band at Rs 2,190, and the Samsung Galaxy Fit e at Rs 2,099.
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