Realme Watch 3 Review

For our review, Realme has sent over the all-new Realme Watch 3 and we are putting it straight to the test.

The smartwatch segment currently is on overdrive. There are at least 20 models in the Indian market and buyers are spoilt for choice. For our review, Realme has sent over the all-new Realme Watch 3 and we are putting it straight to the test.
Design and build
Similar to most watches, the realme Watch 3 has a square design. It has dimensions of 254.13711.5mm and a strapped weight of 40 grammes. The water resistance rating for the smartwatch is IP68. An accelerometer, 24-hour heart rate monitor, and oxygen sensor are all present. To connect to Android and iOS devices, it uses Bluetooth 5.3.

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In terms of the strap, it has a skin-friendly, lightweight 22mm interchangeable strap that is of good quality. The right side of the watch has a single metal-finished function button that can be used to wake up the watch, go back, open the menu, and pause workouts.

The microphone is also visible underneath it. A speaker grill can be found on the other side. The watch's metal case is shiny. Although it has good construction, it is fingerprint-prone.
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The bezels around the square dial are all noticeably bigger. The Realme Watch 3's large display, however, makes up for its large bezels. There is a single physical multi-purpose button on the right side of the dial that you can use to access settings and return to the home page. You'll also see a tiny microphone next to that. A speaker will be located on the opposite side of the dial, which fits in well with the overall design of the smartwatch.


The stunning 1.8-inch TFT display on the Realme Watch 3 has a resolution of 240x286 pixels. It has enough screen space to make it easy to read the on-screen text and use all the fitness-related features. It is simple to read notifications, the time, and health statistics thanks to the 500 nits of maximum brightness, which ensures reasonable visibility in the majority of lighting conditions.
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The Realme Watch 3's TFT LCD has decent colours and viewing angles. To reduce costs, the affordable smartwatch does not have an ambient light sensor. That implies that you will need to manually adjust the brightness level to your surroundings.

Software and connectivity

Through its companion Realme Link app, the Realme Watch 3 can be used with both Android and iOS devices. It runs on a custom operating system. You can view your activity information, notifications, and more with just a left swipe.
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Additionally, you can customise the watch's appearance and feel, and you can select one of more than 100 watch faces from the Realme Link app. To change a watch face, users need only hold the watch face in place while swiping. The watch itself, however, can also store up to 4 watch faces.
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One of the better features of the Watch 3 is the ability to make calls straight from the watch. You can also access multiple options like call history, frequent contacts, and Dialpad. The feature is a much-needed one if you are driving a car. The UI on the watch is smooth-ish. There is a minor lag/delay when you swipe through notifications.
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There is a tethering app - the Realme Link app, which links your smartphone and watches. The application is easy to use. You can easily access information about all of your activity and health data through this app. The app also has a limited number of useful customization options. We had no problems syncing the watch's data with our mobile device or connecting it to the watch. Only the ability to reply to messages is missing from this smartwatch.

Fitness tracking

One could categorise the Realme Watch 3 as a fitness-focused smartwatch. There are more than 110 different sports modes on the watch, including outdoor running, yoga, cycling, golf, and boxing. Additionally, the watch has a feature for continuous heart rate monitoring. It can continuously monitor your SpO2 and stress levels.

We discovered that the health tracking was reasonably accurate in my typical day-to-day usage. The sleep tracking feature on the watch, in my opinion, works well. The Realme Watch 3 has the option to remind you to regularly drink water, just like the other smartwatches in this price range.
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The main workouts on the Realme Watch 2 Pro include outdoor walking, indoor walking, outdoor running, indoor running, dynamic cycling, hiking, cricket, yoga, rowing, strength training, basketball, elliptical machines, and free training, among others. The watch also has 11+ workout modes.

Light and deep sleep, awake time, and REM sleep are all displayed by sleep tracking. In comparison to the realme TechLife Watch R100, tracking is reliable and accurate. It also demonstrates the breathing pattern.

The smartwatch uses LED lights and photo-diodes to briefly illuminate blood vessels, monitors heart rate through changes in green light absorption, and measures SpO2 or blood oxygen levels using red light. This cannot be said to be entirely true. When compared to an oximeter, heart rate recordings during both rest and activity and SpO2 readings are decent. Additionally, stress data are displayed.


The 340mAh battery inside the Watch is said to last up to 7 days when the heart rate monitoring is turned on for 24 hours. I used the battery very little for a week, and there is still a 5% charge. We set the brightness to 4 for the daytime and 2 for the nighttime, used it to track my daily runs for about 40 minutes, and took a few Bluetooth calls.
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The amount of time the battery lasts depends on how often the screen is used, how brightly it is used, whether a heart rate monitor is used while exercising, whether calls are made, and how many notifications are enabled.

Final verdict

The Watch 3 ticks all the boxes which are important for a decent smartwatch. It gets good fitness modes, gets Bluetooth voice calls, a colour display, and a stellar battery life - all for the price of Rs 3,499.

All-in-all, a very good smartwatch which will do the job.

Realme Watch

featuresWaterproof, Call Function
batteryUpto 20 Days battery life (160 mAh)
designRectangular, Flat Dial Design
display1.4 Inch (3.56 cm) LCD Display
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