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Google Task Mate: Earn money by doing simple tasks | Gadget Times

Imagine a service that could pay you for doing easy tasks like transcribing a sentence or clicking a pic of a shopfront, from the comfort of your home? Well, Google's Task Mate is one such service that's currently being tested in India. Task Mate will enable users to earn money by doing simple tasks on their smartphones, like translating sentences, recording spoken sentences, answering survey questions, clicking a pic of a restaurant, as requested by businesses across the world on the platform.You could choose SITTING ones if you want to do them in the comfort of your home or if you're a little adventurous, then pick FIELD tasks. And if you're required to go out, the app will also show you the approximate time you'll take to get there.Users can pick and choose the tasks and will be paid in local currency after completion of those tasks.These earnings are not simple store points but actual, real currency. But then how much you get paid depends on the difficulty level of the task.Although Task Mate is available on Google Play but since it is in testing phase so its access is limited to few users.What makes it relevant for Google is the fact that it will help the brand in bringing so many businesses online. Not just that, those businesses in turn will get to partner with so many individuals and independent local businesses! #Google #GoogleTaskMate #Paid #Businesses #TaskMateReferralCodeAlso visit our website -

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