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Fast chargers leading to explosions- Myth or reality? Truth Uncovered| Explained | Gadget Times

150 W SuperVooc charging that can give 30% battery in just 3 mins! Oppo claimed recently at MWC in Barcelona! Making Maggi takes more than 3 mins btw! Even fixing your hair! There's RealMe, Xiaomi, One Plus, Vivo, Samsung and every possible brand dabbling in this fast-charging fest! Everyone has some sort of Warp, SuperVooc, Dart and turbo-charging bricks. But do fast-chargers actually ruin your phone's battery? Here's what we have found!#Supervooc #FastCharging #FastChargers #DashCharger #DartCharging #TurboCharging

Web Title fast chargers leading to explosions- myth or reality? truth uncovered| explained | gadget times
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